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WELCOME was founded in 2004 by a widow for the exclusive purpose of helping widows and widowers to start dating again. Since then, it has gone on to bring thousands of people together in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our belief is simple - that by sharing experiences and offering support to each other, lasting friendships can be established and new relationships can flourish.

Whatever stage you may be at, you are sure to find genuine people in your local area who have gone through similar experiences and are looking to start a new chapter in their lives. With a range of subscription options and flexible search parameters, is the ideal place to take that important first step.


  • Free to join, search and setup a profile
  • Free to send introductory messages
  • 1,000's of members
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  • Search by town, city or county
  • Free around the clock customer
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"It turned out that our children had known each other at school; now it looks like we'll be one big happy family."

Derek and Janet

"We discovered a shared interest in deep-sea diving, and now we'll soon be off to the Great Barrier Reef on our honeymoon."

Mike and Suzie

"We spent quite a while exchanging messages before we arranged to meet and now we're planning our first holiday together."

Ben and Nicole

"The prospect of finding somebody new seemed daunting, but I soon realised that this was the step I needed to take."


"Communicating with others who have been through a similar experience to my own has helped restore my confidence and sense of optimism."




Although it may be second nature to hope that you might find similar qualities in a new partner to those of your late husband or wife, it is important not to rule out the possibility that the next person may well be completely different. This does not mean that you won’t be sharing interests together, but more that you will be exploring new ideas and aspects of your personality, which will make this relationship different and special in its own unique way.

Making a concerted effort to learn about your new partner’s interests and hobbies and being open about your own, is one way of building upon the relationship. It might be worthwhile to observe your new partner’s choice of activities and consider whether they could appeal to you, too. Something you have previously disregarded as not being to your taste may, in actual fact, present an opportunity for you to discover new skills. This could also be a good way of gaining confidence and help to build upon your self-esteem.

Another way of making a mutually comfortable connection could be that you explore an activity that neither of you have tried before. This may well open up the door to new hobbies and interests, which you can develop together. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you both to begin a new chapter of self-discovery!

In any case, the important thing is to always be who you are and be open to the possibilities that lay ahead. In time, the activities you take part in will teach you things not only about your new partner, but potentially about yourself too, giving you greater appreciation for the future and what life may have in store.

Coping With Christmas


If this is your first Christmas together, there will be a lot to think about if you want things to run smoothly. For a start, you may well have a tried and tested routine that you enjoy and will want to share with your new partner; if you have young children this may be a necessary factor as they will be expecting the same. If you have an extended family to consider then you will need to explain to all of the children about the need for compromise. Introducing some new ideas into the mix will add interest and something like ‘pass the parcel’ with a carefully contrived gift for everyone will surely prove to be popular.

Start as you mean to go on, and make plans together for Christmas. The schedule, the shopping, and of course, the cooking. You may be a man who enjoys cooking, or a woman who loves to wrap up parcels, but do share the load. If there are children around, get them to help, too. This will strengthen bonds and create a pattern for future years.

Spending Christmas with someone you have met only recently will also need some careful consideration. You may be wondering what is expected of you with regard to gifts for each other. Buying clothes are a no-no unless either of you have asked for something specific; also anything ornamental as people can be very particular about what they have in their home. A reference book on a subject in which they have shown an interest, or music, are always a good choice, and although rather prosaic will show that you have given some thought about what will please them.

Just remember that anniversaries and holidays, and in particular, Christmas, can be a time of stress and emotional, inner turmoil and you have to make allowances for this. Encourage your partner to share the odd story of Christmas past as this will help alleviate any feelings of guilt if you are all enjoying yourselves. It is important to allow moments of introspection and for those moments to be honoured.

If you’re single, but hopefully not alone at Christmas, do join in with family and friends and look to the future. There are many other widows and widowers out there looking for someone just like you and next year could be your year, so be prepared.

Have a happy holiday!


Being Single

The period immediately following bereavement is inevitably taken up with getting the business end of our lives in good order. I was fortunate enough to have plenty of help with this and I had good support from friends and family to help me come to terms with my new life. During this period I had little time to think too much about what it really meant to be single again.

However, life gradually takes on a different perspective and I found myself spending longer periods of time on my own than I had previously been used to. It is not unusual to experience feelings of awkwardness at this time; I found dinner parties were no longer the convivial occasion they once were and weddings and other major events became something I dreaded rather than looked forward to. So what to do?

No one has ever said that taking the initial steps to meet other single people is easy and understandably, should be taken with forethought and caution. Fortunately, dating websites are a tried and tested way of achieving this at your own pace; and for those of us who have lost a life partner, a dating website specifically for widows and widowers is a good first step. The new friends you will be making will have a first-hand understanding of how you are feeling and are more likely to be empathetic to the inevitable emotional struggle that may occur in the early stages of friendship.  

When you’re ready to take this first step, having the courage to join a dating website could be the best way to open your life up to new possibilities. In time, hopefully, you will find the connections you are looking for and rediscover what it’s like to be part of a couple again. Only you will know when the time is right.


Why I Set Up WOW


In 2004, having been encouraged by friends to seek out a new partner, I discovered that there were no dating websites specifically for widows and widowers. As I had experienced loss and been through the grieving process, I felt that starting new relationships would be easier with those who had also lost a partner. Seeking a new relationship for those who have been bereaved is not the same as those who are single, separated or divorced and I was convinced that a site specific for those in the same situation was what was needed.

On top of this, I also wanted to encourage people to seek connections with other widows and widowers, as I felt that sharing experiences and offering support to each other would be a great stepping-stone to building lasting friendships. For many, losing their partner can be an isolating process, and bringing people together to simply talk to each other can be very therapeutic.

Since then, WOW has successfully established itself as the leading dating website for widows and widowers; helping thousands of relationships and friendships to be formed. We now have dedicated sites in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa and are committed to improving our service on a daily basis.

Along with the growth of social media, it is becoming even easier to meet like-minded people and I really hope we can interact with each other via the WOW Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

As for this Blog, I aim to use it as an outlet for sharing my own experiences of online dating, including guidance and tips that I hope will be helpful.